Stunning New Rock Crystal

bespoke chandeliers

We're excited to present to you our latest range of bespoke chandeliers at Mallory Custom Lighting!

bespoke chandeliers
Beautiful Rock Crystal

We've just finished developing a fantastic new range of bespoke chandeliers using beautiful Brazilian rock crystal. We're seeing a big resurgence of rock crystal lighting lately in the contemporary lighting market as discerning interior designers everywhere are searching for something to bring energy to their art.

No two cuts of rock crystal are the same, each bringing it's own character of mist and fissures, with it's own balance of minerals glowing like no other in the light. This means your project will be truly unique, and easily stand out from the rest.

You can see our gorgeous Pitri bespoke chandeliers (left) featured here, interspersing classic crystal droplets with milky rock crystal quartz. The gold leaf frame brings a luxurious warm feeling to the chandelier, making this piece a stunning addition to contemporary and traditional interiors alike.


bespoke chandeliers

Quality Manufacture


The rock crystal comes in a beautiful variety of cuts and colours, as you can see featured in this eclectic agate chandelier (left).

These stunning cross-sections of agate allow you to see the full potential of the character of rock-crystal. Hung from this elegant branched silver leaf frame it pays tribute to its roots, and the astonishing nature of its birth. A true natural wonder.

You can find more examples of our beautiful rock crystal bespoke chandeliers from our portfolio, here:

Rock Crystal Portfolio

We feature a wide range of different cuts, and shapes. You can see our beautiful cuts of agate, and our range of colours shown below:


bespoke chandeliers
bespoke chandeliers

As always we're proud to say that our bespoke chandeliers are fully customisable, so you’re free to use our full range to make something truly unique for your next project. Send us an email today and we're happy to show you some more images to spur your imagination!

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