Golden Floated Glass Chandelier

glass chandelier

Happy 2017 all! I thought I would get the year started with a breakdown of this specially commissioned floated glass chandelier we installed just before the holiday season.

glass chandelier

Beautiful Simplicity

All our frames are designed with simplicity in mind, as simple solutions are usually the best. As a general rule, if it starts to get complicated, it starts to get ugly.

Apart from that, simplicity makes life much easier when it comes to cleaning, repairing, or replacing any part of the chandelier. This stunning brushed gold frame features several tiers of pins which simply hang the glass petals of this glass chandelier.


Installation of your hand made glass chandelier is to my mind best left to experts. I have seen some interesting installation efforts by so called professionals, but I shall save those colourful stories for another post!

Anyway, with this particular project the client had no idea as to what was behind the ceiling to secure the chandelier, so out came our trusty endoscope camera to take a look before committing 100kg to the joist!


glass chandelier

On this occasion we were in luck. The previous owner had made more than adequate provision. Monster portions of timber were reveled to our delight, so no need to open up the ceiling and make further provision...Much to everyone's relief!

All that was needed to secure the fixture was a small steel plate with an eye welded on, and six large coach screws that were epoxy glued in place for good measure!

Masterful Craftsmanship

The beautiful glass petals are made by the "Floated Glass" method of manufacture.

If you ever get the chance to see a Murano glass master at work, you should take it, as every piece is made by hand and It’s quite a sight.

Failing that, here is a "Quick and dirty video" I shot of the boys hard at work making large “Piastra” glass leaves. I am particularly impressed with Gianni’s multitasking skills, he is clearly expertly able to float glass and smoke at the same time!

Large Prism Drum Ceiling Lights
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Versatile design

There are no problems scaling this design up or down. To be honest this is 100cm diameter. We have not gone any larger yet!

Matching wall sconces, table lamps and floor lamps would not be a problem either.

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