Hallway and foyer chandeliers

The entrance hall sets the tone for the entire house. If you treat it as a room in its own right, you have a wonderful opportunity to make a splash with some fabulous ceiling lighting or a great foyer hallway chandelier. Make sure that whatever you choose presents a warm welcome to visitors, while allowing enough illumination to read the post, or to see hazards on the stairs.

Recessed or flush lighting may be better in a small hall, but if you are fortunate enough to have a large hallway, you might like to impress visitors with an amazing Murano glass hallway chandelier like this one. The adjustable chain allows you to shorten it if need be.

Hallway Chandelier

As long as you allow at least six and a half feet of headroom, a hallway chandelier can be as large or small as you would like it to be. A tall Murano glass prism chandelier will look fantastic in your stairwell. This one below is 1.3 metres tall, and the glass prisms will refract the light beautifully if you hang it where the sun can catch it.

Hallway Chandelier

As far a colour choices are concerned, it may suit you better to choose a neutral colour or a clear glass hallway chandelier so that it applies well to whatever colour takes your fancy. Or you can make a bold colour statement. Orange is very popular at the moment, and this gorgeous Italian designer ceiling light has a luxurious orange velvet shade.

Hallway Chandelier


In line with interior design trends, you might really like a wonderful 70s style chandelier in your entrance hall with silvery-brown crocheted shades to really impress guests! It's quite difficult to create a warm and cosy space without soft furnishings, and this might just do the trick...

hallway chandelierIf you are looking for a larger foyer or hallway chandelier, please get in touch with us. We can offer you a whole world of possibilities when it comes to custom lighting and bespoke chandeliers, whether modern or traditional. These tend to be one-off custom pieces, and often need to be installed by specialists like us.

hallway chandelier


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