Two Elegant “Poliedri” Glass Pendants


This stunning design is becoming a classic at Mallory Custom Lighting. Here are two projects in which we used the "Poliedri" chandelier, which are worth a mention.

Venini Poliedri Chandelier

Timeless elegance!

Not long after the end of the second world war, a Milanese architect by the neme of Venini purchased a struggling Murano glass house. The guys at the time were making what many of us know to be classic Murano chandeliers: flowers, leaves, all the fancy curly bits in a vast range of colours. In other words they were doing exactly what all the other manufacturers were doing on the island :- Pretty pastoral themed chandeliers.

The brilliant Mr. Venini had other plans however, and focused his energy on producing new geometric forms that would boast greater appeal, and importanty, could be manufactured with a bit of volume/scale, and were adaptable. The "Poliedri " glass pendants were one of his big hits, so much so that other glass houses have come up with their own interpretations over the years.

The above model was produced and installed a little before Christmas, and uses 2 tonalities of glass: clear crystal and fume. The glass hangs on a brushed 24 carat gold frame, and the overall effect is one of warm elegance.

Quality Manufacture

The Polyhedral design is very versatile. This 90cm version on the chandelier was built for Lanvin in Monte Carlo, this time with clear crystal glass on a nickel frame.

You can, however, easily adapt this glass to make sconces, floor lamps and table lamps; or if you like, a long dining room chandelier or a tall hallway chandelier. We even designed a study for a client who wanted a 3m diameter sphere in this style. Unfortunately we never managed to get the project over the finish line, but the drawings looked amazing.


Unique Custom Designs

For more beautiful custom lighting fixtures, don't hesitate to get in touch and see what we can bring to your project.

We have also been experimenting with colours, and have recently produced the glass in a aquamarine and light emerald green. The colours look amazing! Send us an email and I will send you some high resolution images in turquoise and green.

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